The Eejit’s Top Tunes Of 2016!

An Eejit's Playlist

There is never a bad time to look back on things from the past, unless of course it’s 2016, I think that judging by the memes flying about most people just want to erase 2016 from their memories if at all possible.


Me, well yes, I thought 2016 pretty much sucked as well, we lost a lot of great people and the world has seen a great many changes, not all for the good. That said, the one thing that was constant throughout the year was music, as always an amazing way to lift yourself out of the veritable sh*t storm that life can be sometimes. So with that in mind, I am going to look back at the year that was with a little fondness as I assault you with some of my top Spotify finds of 2016!

(1) Christine and the Queens – ‘Tilted’

This song was never not going to make my top ten and in fact it had to be number 1 because it’s an infectious little number. Ndorfman who comments on my Music Bubble Page initially shared the suggestion with me, I then told Steve who first played it on his radio show and the rest  is history. It’s now a firm favourite on both mine and Steve’s playlists. I have no doubt it ranks quite high in his top ten songs of 2016 also.

You can listen to the Music Bubble Playlist on Spotify – what are you waiting for?

(2) Brian Kennedy and Juliet Turner – ‘I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You’

The live version I have provided from an RTE session is a little different from the one I fell in love with which came from Juliet Turner’s Burn the Black Stuff album.

If I was ever forced to sing a duet in a bar I would agree, as long as it was this song I was allowed to lend my vocals to. I just love how their voices compliment each other.

(3) Calum Scott – ‘Dancing On My Own’

What’s not to love about this lad, especially if you were there to witness his introduction to the world via Britain’s Got Talent. This was already a pretty good song, but I have to say for me the version that Calum sang elevated it to a whole new level. Unlike others on my playlist, I will never skip past thing song and even after all this time it still manages to give me goosebumps.

(4) Scala and Kolacny Brothers – ‘Heroes’

2016 was the year we lost David Bowie, an iconic artist whose legacy will live on for years to come. I love this version of his song, it is one that can certainly bring calm to otherwise stormy days.

(5) Disa – ‘New World Coming’

My love of music from soundtracks is well documented….or at least I think it is. Hmm, let me start that again, I have a thing for soundtracks, more often than not I have stumbled across the music without ever actually having seen the movie. This song is no different, it was used during the trailer for the movie Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. I loved the haunting quality of it immediately added it to my playlist.

So there we have it, well the first five songs anyway. If the relaxed and the chilled out nature of them does not put you to sleep then watch this space,  if Steve does not ban me forever I will post some more next month.

Happy New Year (better late than never eh!) and here’s to the making of some amazing music memories in 2017!

Written by Juls

stary-profile-picJuls is an Irish music lover – not in the fact that she only loves Irish music, as in the fact she’s from Ireland and she loves music. She does love Irish music too – of course. Juls and her friends have a “music bubble” where they share new and old music that they have just discovered and since they all have similar taste – the bubble is an awesome place to be.

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