STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 29th January 2017

Alok: Hear Me Now

Most Played Song

The most played song by Steve at Talk About Pop Music this week was ‘Hear Me Now’ by Alok, Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba.

This is a nice song that just flows really well. It’s neither up-tempo nor downbeat but it always makes me want to listen to the end. The video, on the other hand isn’t the most cheery of things to watch.

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STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 29th January 2017

Most Played Songs
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Best Of The Rest

There are a few songs by Kylie Minogue on the list this week down to the fact I was updating the ’30 Years Of Pop: An Amazing Journey With Kylie Minogue’ post on this site. It has playlists and everything now so it’s well worth a look.

We are well into 2017 now so that only means one thing – ‘Discovered: 2017’ is here! All the new songs that I come across will be added to this Spotify playlist so by the end of the year it will be jam-packed with lots of awesome music. Feel free to follow and contribute.

This week two of the songs on this playlist came from Discovered 2017 – Invader Girl and Sam Seg. I will be keeping a close eye on both of these artists over the coming months.

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