Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist

Spotify Discover Weekly

What is Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist?

I love my playlists, mixtapes and I’ve started to also love Spotify. You can imagine my joy when Spotify started to produce a playlist called “Discover Weekly” which consists of songs chosen just for me based on my listening habits – automagically!

I pretty much love every song on my playlist every week and there are songs ranging from cheesy to ballads and everything in between.

Taken a listen to my “Discover Weekly” playlist…

My playlist this week seems to be very Eurovision orientated which is never a bad thing!

One of my favourite tracks so far this week is ‘Fall Deep – Worked Up’ from Darline.

What about you? Please feel free to share your playlist with me, I’d love to hear!Talk About Pop Music


7 responses to “Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist

  1. I recently started checking out my Discover Weekly playlist as well and man is it killer! Doesn’t it feel like music perfectly suited to your tastes?


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