NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: ‘Blood Jungle’ – Johnossi

Who are Johnossi?

Johnossi is a rock duo from Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm County, Sweden, consisting of songwriter, singer, guitarist John Engelbert and drummer, percussionist, singer Oskar “Ossi” Bonde. Releasing their first album ‘Blood Jungle’ on February 17th it’s Johnossi’s first international release, having established themselves as one of the biggest bands in Sweden.

The album was spotlighted as a ‘Key Release’ in the latest issue of Music Week today. The band have also achieved high profile acclaim from the likes of The Huffington Post, Aesthetica, Classic Rock, Metro and more following a string of singles from ‘Blood Jungle‘ including ‘Hands’, ‘Air Is Free’, ‘Weak Spots’ and ‘Tall Dark Man’.

I started loving Johnossi as soon as I heard ‘Hands’…

They soon maintained my interest with ‘Tall Dark Man’…

As you might know I love anything to do with Sweden and I think that everyone needs some Scandipop in their life. Although not particularly Scandipop, Johnossi are still one of the best things to come out of Sweden right now. Here’s what they have to say for themselves…

If there is only one album you listen to this weekend make sure it’s ‘Blood Jungle’.

Want to hear more from Johnossi – check them out on Spotify:

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