S Is For Songs – A Sesame Street Mix-Tape

Sesame Street Songs

I’ve always loved the Sesame Street collaboration songs with massive pop stars and the latest one with Sia is simply amazing. She even shows her eyes!

Seeing Elmo with a Sia wig on is the best thing ever!

Sia – “S Is For Songs”

Ed Sheeran – ‘Two Different Worlds”

Ed is everywhere these days and it’s awesome when he does stuff like this!

Will.i.am – “What I Am”

No matter how much Sesame Street try to tell me how to count I don’t think I could count the amount of times I have watched this video. Dope!

Bruno Mars – “Don’t Give Up”

Bruno’s not actually that much bigger than Elmo and almost just as cute!

One Direction – “What Makes U Useful”

Can you count to FOUR boys?

Adam Sandler – “A Song About Elmo”

This is my favourite and I can practically recite it word for word!

Andrea Bocelli – “Lullabye To Elmo”

A wonderful way to finish this mix-tape and so funny to see little Elmo’s knitted eyelids make an appearance

There are so many more great songs so I think I will have to do a sequel post to this one in the future!

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6 responses to “S Is For Songs – A Sesame Street Mix-Tape

  1. This one programme I absolutely hated as a child. I know the reasons for starting it up but I was just far too intelligent for this. I used to cringe at the way people would sing these stupid songs – one exception – a song from the movie Hair – Good Morning Sunshine. The Muppets were more my scene.

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