Good Music Deserves A Great Music System

Good Music Deserves A Great Sound System

Let The Music Come Alive

When it comes to music I’m a great believer that it needs to played on a quality set of earphones or room setup.

There’s so much choice out there these days and you can pick up a half decent sound system for a reasonable price but since I love my music so much, I’d rather not settle for second best. Two product ranges – Bang & Olusen and more recently the Panasonic Bluetooth Speakers.

I’m an audio person and I’d quite happily go without having a fancy television so that I could have a better music system. Before I list off my personal sound preferences I will point out that although I have expensive tastes I do not have wads of cash. I’ve saved & I’ve bought second hand as I’d rather hear my music the way it’s supposed to be heard and if that means going without other luxuries for a few months – fine by me!

So, why do I have expensive taste? Three words – Bang And Olufsen. Any ‘audiophile’ will have heard of this brand and yes, they are expensive! I used to work for the company and became hooked on the sound quality and design of their products. I could go down the ‘sales pitch’ route and tell you they are not ‘expensive’ and that they ‘just cost more’ but I won’t. However, 13 years after working for the company I am still hooked on their products!


I’ve always had a set of A8 earphones in their various formats and I love them. I even went down the route of converting an old pair to bluetooth since the current range doesn’t have this style in wireless.

I’m also not a big fan of wearing big headphones outside but I do have a set of BeoPlay H8 for indoors and travelling. These were a birthday present so luckily for me – no cost!


While I’m sitting at my desk right now, behind me I have a BeoPlay A8. This was a Christmas present (to myself). It is set up for wireless but I have my old iPhone 5 in it and just use the Spotify Devices feature to control it from my Mac or other devices.

Living Room

I still cannot believe how lucky I was to get this system – BeoSound 3000 & BeoLab 8000 speakers – for an awesome price of £400. You can read more about how that happened here.

Spare Room

In the spare room for guest’s listening pleasure (haha, good luck with that as it’s not hooked up) there is an original BeoSound 1. This was my original purchase and sounds as good now as it did over 10 years ago.


The BeoPlay A3 has been a hidden gem of the range as far as I’m concerned. It’s an iPad dock that I basically use as a mini TV at the kitchen table for when we are having dinner. Sadly they’ve not continued developing this product so it’s only designed for the old-style iPad connection. I really hope they bring out a lightning version as my original iPad that stays in this dock all the time is on its last legs!


I’m currently planning to turn our garage into some kind of gym/den/less of a an absolute bomb site. I did consider putting a Bang & Olufsen in there but I’m not too keen on keeping them in that kind of environment. To prove I am not just a Bang & Olufsen snob I have been looking at alternatives and I’m really liking the look and sound of the Panasonic Bluetooth Speakers range.

I also started a discussion on the subreddit Popheads to share their systems with us and here’s what they said…

Reddit Popheads

The best response has to be this and I want to know where I can get a pair…


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Good Music Deserves A Great Sound System

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