Don’t Call It a Comeback: The Pop Resurrections That Rivalled That Of Christ Himself

It’s Easter, you see.

Easter, baby! If you’re living in a country where Christianity is the dominant religion, chances are you’ve made the first pilgrimage home of the year. In the UK you’re likely looking forward to a long weekend of eating chocolate products marketed at children until you potentially vomit. Maybe a go on Cool Runnings on BBC1 at quarter past two on Sunday, probably a good old-fashioned row with a family member in the middle of a supermarket at some point. Traditions, really.

But please, I beg, amid the Mini Eggs and passive aggression, do not forget the meaning of this special holiday in the Christian calendar. Easter marks the resurrection of Christ, which is when Jesus came back from the actual dead to launch the ultimate emma_roberts_surprise.gif at everyone who doubted he was the Son of God.

Source: Don’t Call It a Comeback: the Pop Resurrections that Rivalled that of Christ Himself – Noisey


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