STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 16th April 2017

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 16th April 2017

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 16th April 2017

Most Played Song

The most played song by Steve at Talk About Pop Music this week was ‘Verona’ by Koit Toome ft Laura.

This is the week that I got all my Eurovision 2017 reviews complete so this list is dominated by Eurovision songs this week. ‘Verona’ is the entry from Estonia and it is quickly growing to be one of my favourites.

Talk About Pop Music Weekly Top 10 

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 16th April 2017

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 16th April 2017

The Best Of The Rest

The entry for Italy ‘Occidentali’s Karma’ has been a favourite of mine (and everyone else’s) since I first heard it. I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t do really well in the contest and can’t wait to watch it being performed live when I attend the final in Kyiv.

The only non-Eurovision songs this week are ‘Inside The Lines’ by Mike Perry which is an awesome track and everyone needs to listen to it. Finally, why is there a song in here called ‘Space Unicorn’? Well, last week was National Unicorn Day so of course I had to celebrate with this song!

Watch the full playlist below:

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