PROMOTE YOURSELF: Want New Fans? Let Us Put You In The Spotlight!

PROMOTE YOURSELF: Want New Fans? Let Us Put You In The Spotlight!

Do You Want Your Music To Reach More People? Let Us Put You In The Spotlight!

As you already know our site has a massive focus on new music and trying to help artists like you reach more people. That’s one of the reasons we feel that working with you to help promote YOU is a great fit and something that our readers would really get behind too.

The numbers…

Our site has been live since 2015 and is becoming more popular month on month. As an example we have over 4,700 followers and we 500,000 views in 2019. According to Feedspot we are one of the best pop music blogs in the world!

We are very active on FacebookTwitter and Instagram with new followers every day. More information about these stats can be provided if required.

What can we do for you?

For the ‘Spotlight’ package we would write a FRESH feature all about you that would be republished weekly and promoted on our social media channels regularly. The potential reach for this is quite substantial.

As an example, and to give you an idea of what we can do, here are examples of the FRESH features that we publish. We can also do an interview with the artists as well as other cool promotional posts like this and this.

As well as the FRESH feature you would also have a fixed advert on our site which would show on the right sidebar of every article we publish (we publish at least 4 articles daily).

We will also add your music to our ‘new music‘ playlists which have a combined following of 4000+ and there are many other playlists that we will add you to as well – we have LOTS!

Get in touch now to discuss how reasonable our costs are for this service!

Contact us!


Twitter: @PopAndTalk

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