The Best Cover Versions Of All Time

Possibly, Maybe – The Best Cover Versions Of All Time

The Best Cover Versions Of All Time

The Pet Shop Boys’ cover version of Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

If I was to make a mix-tape of my favourite cover songs – what would I include?

You know that you are getting old when you hear a cover of a song that you can remember the first time around and what makes it worse is when you were actually a full-blown adult when it was released the first time!

“Super Trouper” by Camera Obscura

If people are going to cover other people’s songs then this is the only way to do it – make it your own. When you compare this to Abba’s version…well, you can’t really because they are almost two different songs entirely. It’s kind of like you would go to a party and listen to Abba’s version, dancing, singing and having fun. Once the party is over and it’s chill out time then you would listen to this version. The fact that Camera Obscura are Scottish makes it even better and makes the line “when you called me last night from Glasgow” seem much more real.

“Crazy In Love” by The Puppini Sisters 

With this one from The Puppini Sisters you would actually think that this is the original and that Beyonce was the person who covered it.

“Moon River” by Rod Stewart

I love this song so much and I have tried to find every different cover version of it. I’m not sure if this one is the best cover but it is the first one that popped up and Rod’s voice will make almost any song into a classic:

“Be My Baby” by Glasvegas

So, how can you take a classic American feel good, up tempo song from an all girl group and turn it into a song that, despite the lyrics, actually makes you want to break down into tears of sadness. Only Glasvegas know how:

“About You Now (Acoustic)” by Sugababes

Sometimes artists cover their own songs – does that count? I’m sure it does. I love it when they do acoustic versions of their own songs and this one by the Sugababes is a really good stripped back version of a punchy power pop song. It also makes me really sad too as it was used on the soap opera Hollyoaks during the funeral of one of my favourite characters which I have also posted below. I better not watch as it as it makes me too sad…so if you do watch it – get your handkerchief at the ready!

Take a look at the full list according to the BBC poll and see if your favourite is there. If not – what is your favourite cover version?

You can check out all my favourite cover versions on our playlist and if you have any you would like added please get in touch.

The Best Cover Versions Of All Time

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