Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Or Sheryl Crow – Who Would Win In A Fight?

Cheryl vs Sheryl

In one corner we have ex Girls Aloud, ex X Factor Judge, 2 times ex wife and now mother of a bear Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and in the other corner we have multi Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow. Who is best, well as Harry Hill once said, there’s only one way to find out…FIGHT!


Both ladies have had their fair share of fighting in their lives. Sheryl has battled breast cancer and came out stronger…


…while Cheryl battled with a toilet attendant and came out with 120 hours of community service….


Score after round one: Sheryl 1 Cheryl 0


Cheryl was famously cheated on by her husband Ashley Cole while Sheryl was once engaged to the famous sports cheat Lance Armstrong. Sheryl perhaps could have been aware of Lance’s cheating but I’m pretty sure Cheryl wasn’t aware of Ashley’s sexploits.

Sheryl wrote the ballad “Wildflower” for Lance…

Cheryl released “Fight For This Love” while her marriage to Ashley was on the rocks…

Score after round two: Sheryl 1 Cheryl 1

ROUND THREE: Singles & Albums

Sheryl has had 3 Number One songs in her home country while Cheryl has had 5.

Cheryl has had four studio albums while Sheryl has had nine.

Sheryl has had global success whereas Cheryl was sacked from the US version of the X Factor because no one could understand her.

One of my favourite Cheryl songs…

One of my favourite Sheryl songs…

Score after round three: Sheryl 2 Cheryl 1

ROUND FOUR: Muppet Confrontations

When Sheryl is faced with annoying Muppets she just chooses to sing with them…

When Cheryl is faced with annoying Muppets she chooses to kill them and wear them

Score after round four: Sheryl 2 Cheryl 2


It always comes down to money in the end. Who is richest? Is it the former member of one of the worlds’s biggest girl bands and “nations sweetheart” or is it the global über talented musician? Sheryl is worth $40m while Cheryl is “only” worth $30m.

FINAL SCORE : Sheryl 3 Cheryl 2

Congratulations Sheryl and unlucky Cheryl.

It was a great battle and I wish both ladies many more successful and happy years ahead.

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