So that was that, it’s all over for another year! Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was won by the lovely Salvador Sobral from Portugal and what a resounding victory it was, 50+ years since they first debuted and this is their first ever win. Absolutely fantastic. Let’s relive that night once again with this highlights clip:


Following on from the podcasts earlier in the week, this is the final one where me and André (from ESCObsession) got together to discuss last night’s results in detail. Join us and have a listen and see if you agree with our thoughts:

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Author: Dan
Author: Dan

Dan lives in Reading, England and is an avid music fan – music is his life and he lives and breathes the stuff. Enjoying all types of music, Dan loves going to live concerts and gigs.

He is also a huge Eurovision fan which is just as well as otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to write for us!

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