REVIEW: ‘T2 Trainspotting Soundtrack

T2 Trainspotting Soundtrack

T2 Trainspotting Soundtrack

2017 saw the release of the sequel to one of my favourite movies ever. Trainspotting is a classic movie and it’s hard to believe it’s now 20 years old!

When I heard there was to be a sequel I was initially a bit worried – how could they follow the brilliance of the original. They did, and they did an awesome job of it. All unanswered questions from the original were, for me, answered and then built upon and closed out (for now at least – who knows what will happen in another 20 years!).

If you have never watched the original, here’s the trailer:

If you have watched the original but didn’t even realise there was a sequel, here’s the trailer for that:

Enough of the movie and let’s talk about the music. The original film soundtrack had many classics and when it was released in 1997 I was a student at University – let’s just say almost every other student had a copy of this on CD.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from this as I like them all for different reasons but ‘Born Slippy’ by Underworld will always instantly transport me back to late 1997 to a younger, even more clueless version of me shouting ‘Lager, lager, lager’ while jumping up and down in some Aberdeen nightclub and almost always ending up ‘on’ the dancefloor as opposed to ‘dancing on’ it.

Every track on it is a keeper – take a listen:

The soundtrack from the latest movie has classic tracks from classic bands such as Queen, Blondie and The Clash. There really is something for everyone. One of my particular favourites is ‘Only God Knows’ by a band called Young Fathers – who feature quite heavily on the soundtrack. This track just has everything! From a bit of choir to a pumping dance beat with a hint of

There is also a ‘sequel’ to the song ‘Born Slippy’ called ‘Slow Slippy’ but, for me, you can’t top the original of that – sorry!

Take a listen to the full soundtrack and see what you make of it:




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