SPOTIFY: Daily Mix – Put On Some ‘Comfy’ Songs

Spotify Adds Daily Mix To Desktop Client!

Spotify launched Daily Mix in 2016, initially only available on mobile devices but now it is also available on the desktop client.

What is Daily Mix?

Well apart from the fact that it’s awesome it has a ‘magic way’ of creating mixes of songs that you’ve not listened to for a while. It categorises them into different Daily Mixes. For example I have ones that are all 80s related, Eurovision related, BritPop related so it depends which mood I am as to which one I will choose to listen to.

Spotify Daily Mix

They are all songs I know and love so it’s kind of like putting on your favourite sweater and getting comfy with your music!

The only negative for me is that these mixes can’t be downloaded and played offline. Maybe that will happen soon?

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