Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017

What Is Glastonbury?

Glastonbury Festival is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world and a template for all the festivals that have come after it. The difference is that Glastonbury has all the best aspects of being at a festival in one astonishing bundle.

It’s like going to another country, a hip and thrilling Brigadoon that appears every year or so. Coming to Glastonbury involves a fair amount of travel, and probably a queue to get in but, when you get past these impediments, you enter a huge tented city, a mini-state under canvas. British law still applies, but the rules of society are a bit different, a little bit freer. Everyone is here to have a wild time in their own way.

Glastonbury 2017

When Is Glastonbury 2017?

Glastonbury 2017 starts on 21st June and finished on 27th June. So for anyone who isn’t attending (me) let us share all the information you will need to enjoy this highlight of the music year…from your tent in your living room (or is it only us that has that plan then?)

When Is Glastonbury 2017 On TV?

BBC Music & BBC iPlayer will be doing an excellent job of keeping all us people who will be watching the festival from the comfort of their own sofa. Click the link below for more information courtesy of The Version.

If you are outside the UK and you want to watch then you will need to use a VPN to use iPlayer so here are some instructions that might help.

Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017 Headliners

There are so many great artists this year – these are just the headliners!

Glastonbury Headliners

Glastonbury Line Up By Stage

With so many stages make sure you know who is on what stage and when by clicking below courtesy of Glastonbury Festivals.

Glastonbury Stages

Glastonbury Line Up By Artist

When is your favourite artist performing – make sure you don’t miss them…

Glastonbury Artists

Join Us From Your Living Room

I’ll be getting the drinks and snacks and I’m making a whole weekend of it this year. I can’t go to the festival but this is the next best thing and probably a lot less muddy!

Glastonbury Playlist

If you want to listen to the artists beforehand – check out this playlist. It includes all the main stage acts in stage/running order followed by some of the smaller stages. Songs are those played most at recent live shows to get the best idea of what they’ll play during their set. It includes all of the live acts and some of the DJs.

Join in the fun with us on Twitter over the course of the festival! I’m sure there will be a few playlists created on Spotify and YouTube too!

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