Sia’s Spotify Artist Pick: Hooked On Electronics

Spotify Artist Pick

Spotify Artist Pick

Spotify recently gave a small group of artists and their teams the ability to pick a song, album, or playlist to pin to the top of their artist page with a short message. It was an opportunity for these artists to share something they loved — and make their artist page their own.

It was such a success that now every artist and manager can add a pick to their artist page. They can choose something they love — a track, album, or playlist — and add a short message about why they love it.

Following on from the awesome ‘Team Sia’s Ear Candy‘ this is Sia’s latest pick.

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Picks live at the top of the artist’s page for two weeks and can be changed or updated whenever they want.

This is a great feature and I am left wondering if there is some kind of notification system or ability to search which artists have put up an Artist Pick.

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