INTERVIEW: Eighty Ninety

INTERVIEW: Eighty Ninety

Who are Eighty Ninety?

Eighty Ninety are a Brooklyn based duo consisting of brothers Abner and Harper James.

I stumbled across them on Alfitude and immediately loved their debut track ‘Three Thirty’. 

I’ve been following their journey ever since and they have now released a new song from their forthcoming EP – ‘Bowery Beach Road’.

Take a listen to their latest track ‘Your Favorite Song’, you’ll soon agree it will be your new favorite and then see what the guys had to say for themselves when I asked them a few questions.

In one word – sum up how has your time been since we last spoke?


Glad to hear it! What’s the meaning behind your new song ‘Your Favourite Song’?

It’s about how a person and a song can become inseparable, and about how a person can even be like a song. A melody that carries you away. That person who makes you want to switch off shuffle and hit repeat.

Nice! I know a lot of people who I wish had a ‘skip’ button – maybe that can be your next song – oh and we won’t get into the debate about the missing ‘u’ in favourtie 🙂

What are your actual favourite songs?

Tough one. Right now:

I love them both!

It’s Autumn in the UK and I’ve just created this playlist what songs remind you of Autmun/Fall and I’ll add them in.

‘Saw You In A Dream’ – The Japanese House

‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ – Tom Petty

‘Traveling Song’ – Ryn Weaver

Awesome! I couldn’t find the third one on Spotify but I’ve added in the other two.

Okay – share the last photo you took on your phone.

Harper on the guitar!

Harper On guitar

Share the last song you listened to on your phone.

I went to the USA for the first time this year and next on my bucket list of USA visits would be New York – can you share any hidden gems I should seek out?

The most recent venue we played was the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn — it’s one of our favorite places to see music as well. Check out a gig!

Great thanks for the recommendation! What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

‘Your Favorite Song’ is just the first single off our upcoming EP ‘Bowery Beach Road’ – we have a lot more around music, videos, and shows around the bend.

Thanks guys for answering my questions and I can’t wait to hear more new songs!

INTERVIEW: Eighty Ninety

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