Love Hurts At Halloween (Especially If You Are Related To Michael Myers)


Love Hurts

Halloween is just around the corner and one of my favourite horror movie franchises is aptly named – Halloween.

I’ve also just watched the two rebooted versions from Rob Zombie and I am impressed with what’s been done with the song “Love Hurts“. Originally performed by The Everly Brothers” this song has been given a horror movie makeover.

In Halloween (2007) the song is performed by Nazareth and has a rock edge which spoils the lullaby feel of the original. This fits perfectly with the character of Michael Myers in this film:

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In Halloween II (2009) the song is performed by Nan Vernon and has one of the most haunting qualities I have ever heard in a song. It’s like it’s trying to say that although Michael was a serial killer, he done it for love and it was the only way he knew how to show it:

Whether you are a horror movie fan or not I hope you enjoy these two different takes on a classic song and have a Happy Halloween!



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