Europhoria Podcast

PODCAST: Europhoria – New Episode ‘Farewell but not Goodbye’

Europhoria Podcast

What is Europhoria?

Aside from being awesome Europhoria is a weekly podcast from two self-confessed Eurovision obsessives, Isobel Chillman & Roland Bodenham.

Basically, they open a bottle of wine and talk about Eurovision – what else could you ask for?

They share current Eurovision news and then they each share a story about the Eurovision’s past and it is so edutaining (yes, that’s a mash-up of educational and entertaining) and definitely makes driving in the car much more fun.

Once they have shared their stories Roland then shares a ‘Eurovision’ song that he has written and Isobel gives him a ‘Eurovision’ score (but not a 9, though, never a 9 because that isn’t ‘Eurovision’ scoring is it?) and some feedback.


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It’s currently on episode 38 and I can’t recommend this enough to any Eurovision fans!

Subscribe to the podcast here so you can catch up on previous episodes and pee your pants in anticipation for the next one.

Any other bidness?

Yes – thanks Roland and Isobel – keep up the amazing work!