What The F***? No – What The Pop?

We ♥ Spotify Playlists

Here at Talk About Pop Music we love creating our own Spotify playlists but equally we love discovering other people’s playlists.

I thought I knew most genres of Pop Music but recently I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a few new terms and to support each one was a Spotify playlist.

They have been put together by The Sounds Of Spotify and they are all awesome so I urge you to go listen to them (oh, and ours)…

The Edge Of Indie Poptimism

The Sound Of Shiver Pop

The Sound Of Metropopolis

The Sound Of Synthpop

The Pulse Of Indie Poptimisim

The Sound Of Pop

The Sound Of Shimmer Pop

The Sound Of Indie Poptimisim

The Sound Of IndiePop

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