EUROVISION GIFT CONTEST: Love Love Peace Peace T-Shirt


Eurovision fans can never have enough t-shirts, gifts and novelty items.

It’s our mission to fill our wardrobes and homes with all things Eurovision.

Wait! Is that just me or is that true of all die-hard Eurovision fans?


Either way there is so much fantastic Eurovision paraphernalia available out there that we want to start sharing some of it with you so sit back, relax and let the Eurovision Gift Contest BEGIN!

Back in 2016 when the contest was hosted by Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede in Stockholm they gave us this amazing performance which has been a huge hit with everyone.

So, the first entry in the Eurovision Gift Contest is in honour of that fantastic song ‘Love Love Peace Peace’.

I mean what Eurovision fan doesn’t want to own this t-shirt?

Love Love Peace Peace t-shirt
Love Love Peace Peace T-Shirt

You can click the image above or go here to look at the T-Shirt in more detail.

I know for sure that some of the empty coat hangers in my wardrobe are simply crying out for this T-Shirt!

In fact, I think I can hear them calling right now.

What fantastic Eurovision gifts have you came across recently?


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