INTERVIEW: Eighty Ninety

Eighty Ninety Feature On ‘Songs Taylor Loves’ Spotify Playlist!

INTERVIEW: Eighty Ninety

Songs Taylor Loves

We won’t get into reasons why I’m not a huge fan of the Swift Machine but the big news here is Talk About Pop Music favourites, Eighty Ninety, have been included in Totalitarian Taylor’s new playlist! I’m so pleased for them – this will give them even more recognition that they totally deserve!

The songs featured on the playlist is a remix of their most recent song ‘Your Favourite Song‘.

If you are interested here is the full playlist from the Swift Regime but more importantly read on to hear what the guys had to say last time we caught up with them!

Who are Eighty Ninety?

Eighty Ninety are a Brooklyn based duo consisting of brothers Abner and Harper James.

I stumbled across them on Alfitude and immediately loved their debut track ‘Three Thirty’. 

I’ve been following their journey ever since and they have now released a new song from their forthcoming EP – ‘Bowery Beach Road’.

Take a listen to their latest track ‘Your Favorite Song’, you’ll soon agree it will be your new favorite and then see what the guys had to say for themselves when I asked them a few questions.

In one word – sum up how has your time been since we last spoke?


Glad to hear it! What’s the meaning behind your new song ‘Your Favourite Song’?

It’s about how a person and a song can become inseparable, and about how a person can even be like a song. A melody that carries you away. That person who makes you want to switch off shuffle and hit repeat.

Nice! I know a lot of people who I wish had a ‘skip’ button – maybe that can be your next song – oh and we won’t get into the debate about the missing ‘u’ in favourtie 🙂

What are your actual favourite songs?

Tough one. Right now:

I love them both!

It’s Autumn in the UK and I’ve just created this playlist what songs remind you of Autmun/Fall and I’ll add them in.

‘Saw You In A Dream’ – The Japanese House

‘You Don’t Know How It Feels’ – Tom Petty

‘Traveling Song’ – Ryn Weaver

Awesome! I couldn’t find the third one on Spotify but I’ve added in the other two.

Okay – share the last photo you took on your phone.

Harper on the guitar!

Harper On guitar

Share the last song you listened to on your phone.

I went to the USA for the first time this year and next on my bucket list of USA visits would be New York – can you share any hidden gems I should seek out?

The most recent venue we played was the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn — it’s one of our favorite places to see music as well. Check out a gig!

Great thanks for the recommendation! What’s the plan for the rest of the year?

‘Your Favorite Song’ is just the first single off our upcoming EP ‘Bowery Beach Road’ – we have a lot more around music, videos, and shows around the bend.

Thanks guys for answering my questions and I can’t wait to hear more new songs!

INTERVIEW: Eighty Ninety

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