PLAYLIST: Discover Weekly – 13th February

Discover Weekly Playlist

What is The Discover Weekly Playlist?

I love my playlists, mixtapes and I’ve started to also love Spotify. You can imagine my joy when Spotify started to produce a playlist called “Discover Weekly” which consists of songs chosen just  based on listening habits – automagically!

I pretty much love every song on my playlist every week and there are songs ranging from cheesy to ballads and everything in between.

Featured Song

As well as sharing out the Spotify playlist – because if you are a fan of this site you will love that music too – here at Talk About Pop Music we like to go that extra step!

Each week we will feature an additional song that we personally recommend. Think of it as a ‘Talk About Pop Music – Sponsored Song’ – thanks to Spotify for this idea!

This week’s featured song is ‘Vagina Anthem’ by Hungry Hearts.

Stream ‘Vagina Anthem’ on:

SpotifyApple Music or Amazon |

The featured song will always be at the top of the playlist so great exposure for your song.

How To Get Featured?

If you have a song you think would appeal to our readers – get in touch and we can discuss featuring it – email or tweet us @PopAndTalk

Take a listen to the Talk About Pop Music “Discover Weekly” playlist…

One of my favourite tracks so far this week is ‘Waiting’ from Tome Speight – check it out!

Stream Tom Speight on:

Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon |

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