PLAYLIST UPDATE: Saturday – Feeling More Than Alright

NEW PLAYLIST: Saturday - Feeling More Than Alright

Saturday’s Alright!

It’s Saturday and we are all in a good place for the next 48 hours.

The initial excitement of Friday night has worn off but we are still in a party mode. It’s time to get the dancing shoes on and have a blast! I always think Whigfield says it best…

Whether you are getting ready to go out on the town, having a party at home or just looking to dance like no one is watching – this playlist will tick all the boxes.

There will be disco classics, 90s dance anthems, up to date remixes – there really is something for everyone to help you fell MORE THAN ALRIGHT!

NEW PLAYLIST: Saturday - Feeling More Than Alright

Let us know the songs you pump out the speakers on a Saturday and we can include them in the list. HAPPY SATURDAY!

This playlist will be updated weekly on a Saturday so feel free to follow it and keep a look out for our other Daily Playlists.

If you have a song you would like to be considered for inclusion in this playlist then get in touch.


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