FRESH: Introducing Samuel

Italian born, UK singer/songwriter Samuel releases his debut EP “Samuel

by Christopher Smith


If you love new music, then here’s a treat for you. Brighton based singer and songwriter Sam Milletti has just released five brand new tracks he’s recorded as part of his debut EP called, what else, “Samuel“!

Five superb songs about love, life and so much more! “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Forever” is anthemic and effortlessly cool. “Cocaine Cowboy” is darker and has a much harder, rockier edge to it. “Deal With The Devil” has a joyous beat to it, covering some very personal lyrics. “Only The Young” is slower paced but is nothing less that sublime. The EP closes with “Saints And Sinners” a fast moving, classy number with a brilliant trippy beat to each chorus.


As Sam himself confesses: “I’ve only ever wanted to create. When I was young I would make up plays and get my friends to act in them. At college I did Media & Film Studies. Then a Film Degree at University. Now I make music. For me it’s simple, I put all my emotion, passion, pain & joy into bite sized songs for people to enjoy. I create visuals that are sometimes striking and thought provoking, dark and flamboyant and package them together in order to give you the listener an experience to enjoy”.

Sam is playing at Synthetic City London 2018 Reloaded, a fabulous live music event presenting ten of the finest modern synth-based acts from around the world, on September 22nd. Tickets are available from Abnormal Productions website.

Sam Milletti

Listen and love. We hope this boy goes far!

Samuel Music website

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