Playlist Of The Year 2018


Most Played Songs in 2018

By Steve McSteveface

I produce a yearly playlist of my Top 40 most played tracks of that year. Thanks to, this is a fairly simple process.

It’s time to produce the 2018 playlist and usually by now I have done a pre-check to see what will be Number One but so far I have refrained and will leave it as a surprise. So, in true countdown style let’s look at them all from 40 down to 1!

I’m am so excited! Click on the images to watch the videos!

40: ‘Verona – 1985 Version’ – Koit Toome & Laura


This was one of my favourite songs from Eurovision 2017 and in 2018 I discovered there was an 80s remix of the song. How awesome!

39: ‘Breathlessly – Promostella Club Mix’ – Claudia Faniello

I’m quite sure there are going to be a lot of Eurovision songs in this list and here’s another one already – again from 2017.

I love the original version of this song from Malta too but the dance mix has made it’s way into my Friday Feels playlist so it’s a regular Friday night song for me now.

38: ‘Sound Of Happiness’ – Bonze


I only discovered this song a few weeks ago but it seems I can’t get enough of it as it’s made the Top 40. It’s such a happy, feel good song and I am looking forward to hearing more from Bonze in 2019.

37: ‘Thunderclouds’ – Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 2nd September 2018

What an awesome collaboration this was! ‘Thunderclouds’ was the best songs they made together and as much as I love it I am really looking forward to a new solo album from Sia in 2019.

36: ‘Helium’ – Sia

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 28th January 2018

Right on to another Sia song. This time it’s a collaboration with David Guetta for a remix of the song featured on the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Darker.

There’s no denying when those two team up it’s a match made in music heaven.

35: ‘Put Your Hands Up For Sverige’ – Samir & Viktor

FRESH: 'Put Your Hands Up för Sverige' - Samir & Viktor

Swedish favourites Samir & Viktor gave us this song in the summer to support their national team in the World Cup.

Although I don’t care too much for football I did listen to this a lot during the World Cup!

34: ‘My Indigo’ – My Indigo

A new discovery for me this year and what a discovery! Super talented and this is the title track of the amazing album from My Indigo.

To see what we discover in 2019 follow our Discovered 2019 playlist – you just might find your new favourite song in there!

33: ‘Issues’ – Julia Michaels

Still love this song! It has fallen from number 12 on the list since last year but it’s still a regular love of mine.

32: ‘The Greatest Show’ – Hugh Jackman

The title song from the smash hit musical film that took 2018 by storm.

It’s not my favourite song from the film and I’m sure there will be others higher up the list but it’s still awesome!

31: ‘Shotgun’ – George Ezra

As soon as I heard this song when the album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ was released I knew it would be a summer smash hit.

And it was!

30: ‘5 Dollars’ – Christine and the Queens

Fantastic song! Fantastic video. It’s not overtaken my love for ‘Tilted’ yet but it’s getting there!

29: ‘Adore’ – Amy Shark

What a beautiful song! I first heard this on an episode of ‘Schitt’s Creek‘ and have loved it ever since!

NOTE: Amy Shark is not to be confused with Baby Shark!

28: ‘Do You Work Out?’ – Sazzie

Do I work out? No. Does this song make me want to work out? Yes. Will I? No.

27: ‘Toy’ – Netta

The winning song of Eurovision 2018. I did expect this to be higher but I guess after May I lost interest a little bit. It’s still a fab song though!

26: ‘Ciao’ – Malo’

A song from the French Eurovision national selection process Destination Eurovision. Sadly, it didn’t make it any further.

There’s something really cool about his voice and this is powerful song for sure.

25: ‘One Last Kiss’ – Kylie Minogue

Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue, returned this year with her latest album ‘Golden‘. I’m sure this won’t be the last we will see of her in this list.

This song should have been released as a single – it’s pure pop and Kylie at her best!

24: ‘Symphony’ – Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson

This song featured at number 10 in last year’s playlist and has hung on well to stay within the top 25 here.

A song from the kings of collaboration and the Swedish superstar couldn’t really go wrong could they?

23: ‘Dakota Thunder Rising’ – APOSTLE

Another brand new discovery this year. I love the way this song builds up. Hoping to hear more from Apostle in 2019!

22: ‘Footprints’ – All Saints

Testament‘ was a fantastic new album from All Saints this year. For me, Footprints was the stand out track.

21: ‘My Time Will Come’ – Paul Venice & Dan Boujee

These two young guys produced an epic song that I simply couldn’t stop listening to during the first few months of 2018. Watch out for these two in 2019!

20: ‘Love Lasts Forever’ – All Saints

The second entry in the list for these ladies. This is the lead single from ‘Testament’ and is All Saints at their finest.

19: ‘Million Reasons’ – Lady Gaga

REVIEW: 'Joanne' - Lady Gaga

It took me a while to fully appreciate the ‘Joanne‘ album but now I really do and ‘Million Reasons’ is an anthem of a song!

18: ’71 Charger’ – Loreen

There’s more to Loreen than just Euphoria. So, so much more and this song proves it!

17: ‘Radio On’ – Kylie Minogue

A slower pace from Kylie with this gorgeous track. So smooth and velvety! One of my favourites from Golden.

16: ‘Fly With Me’ – Anthony Lazaro

A great discovery this year. I can only describe this song as ‘dreamy’ and I absolutely love it!

15: ‘Sincerely Yours’ – Kylie Minogue

A heartfelt song from Ms. Minogue that you can’t help but feel emotional when you listen to it. I’m also pretty sure that she wrote it for me!

14: ‘Saara Aalto’ – Monsters

Everyones favourite singer from Finland! This should have done so much better at Eurovision but we still love you Saara!

13: ‘Raining Glitter’ – Kylie Minogue

It looks like this is the year of Kylie Minogue but there’s no surprise there really.

This song is an absolute bop!

12: ‘We Got Love’ – Jessica Mauboy

Australia’s entry in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest and what a banger it was.

Jessica is lovely too – she gave me a big hug when she was walking to the green room. Awesome!

11: ‘Thru These Tears’ – LANY

A new discovery later in the year but as soon as it was added to The Listening Room I’ve never stopped listening to it.

10: ‘Neon Blue’ – Steps

Last year’s number one from Steps still stays in the Top Ten. I LOVE this song and I LOVE Steps – can’t wait to see them live AGAIN!

9: ‘A Million Dreams’ – Hugh Jackman, Ziv Zaifman

Another song from The Greatest Showman soundtrack and what a ‘feel good’ song it is!

8: ‘Euphoria’ – Loreen

I will never, repeat NEVER get fed up of this song! It’s epic in so, so many ways! It’s only slipped from number six since last year. Thanks Loreen!

7: ‘A Lifetime To Repair’ – Kylie Minogue

Another fab tune from the Princess Of Pop. I have to say though I do prefer the album version to the single! Altogether now 6, 5, 4, 3, too many tiiiiiiimes!

6: ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ – Whitney Houston

So why is this song in here you might ask? Well, amongst other times I play it, it’s actually my ‘leaving work for the weekend’ song.

There’s no better feeling than leaving work on a Friday and having this blaring in the car all the way home. Try it!

5: ‘Golden’ – Kylie Minogue

What a year 2018 was. Kylie turned 50 and had a fantastic new album. Can you believe it’s been 30 years since she bounced on to the music scene?

This song is a celebration of all she has achieved and how amazing her incredible fans are!

4: ‘This Is Me’ – Keala Settle

What a voice! What a song! An anthem for “living your best life” if ever there was one!

3: ‘From Now On’ – Hugh Jackman

This song never fails to get me up trying to pretend I can dance. Whoever came up with the idea for ‘The Greatest Showman’ I thank you!

2: ‘Stop Me From Falling’ – Kylie Minogue

This is fast becoming one of my all time favourite songs from Kylie. There’s nothing about it that isn’t AWESOME!

1: ‘Dancing’ – Kylie Minogue

Was there ever any doubt that this would be number one? It was released in January 2018 I have been dancing ever since! Thank you Kylie!

What do you think? What were your most played songs of 2018?

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