By Steve McSteveface

The most played song by Steve at Talk About Pop Music this week was ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ by Meatloaf.

Yes – all the way back to 1977 this week for this song. I had heard it before but this week it just seemed to win me over and I played it a lot. So, if you have 8 minutes to spare have a listen and either remind yourself how awesome it is or learn about it for the first time!

Talk About Pop Music Weekly Top 10 

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 20th January 2019

The Best Of The Rest

I love Christine and the Queens and this week I binged watched all of her live performances as I am always blown away by the choreography.

New discovery time and this week I came across ‘Better‘ by Ananya Birla. I really think this has Eurovision written all over it!

Secondly, there was ‘I Am Better Off’ by Wildson. It has a kinda summer vibe which can perhaps lighten our mood during the dark winter mornings in the UK right now!

Here’s a top tip for you – whenever you are feeling a little down, Carly Rae Jepsen is always a great pick me up!

Now you can follow the complete playlist on Spotify.

stop look playlist

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Written by Steve

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