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These days discovering new bands and artists is so much easier than it used to be. Perhaps too easy? Do we still follow and support our local talent? I know I have let my knowledge of the local music scene slip recently.

So, I want to get back to supporting my local bands and artists but now because of this site I can do a little bit more by sharing them out here so that ‘local’ can go ‘global’.

I live in Aberdeenshire so here are 10 of the best bands and artists from the area. Thanks to Aron a.k.a. Brutha Voodoo for helping me put this list together.

Take a listen and then read the details at the end of this post to see how you can become involved and help make your local music talent go global.

OK Button – ‘Grenade’

Aberdeen based dream pop trio OK Button say this song is a mantra for tackling anxiety and low esteem or as singer/songwriter Amber Wilson says ‘you motherfuckers won’t bring me down’.


Over two years ago, Romarzs started writing and recording their debut album “Prisoners Of Love”, which was released in November 2017. The official album launch gig took place in April 2018. Since then they have played a variety of gigs throughout Scotland.

Cold California – ‘You, Me and Country Music’

Cold California (Chris Burke, aged 23) is a country pop/rock music producer, songwriter and singer from Aberdeen, Scotland. Burke is released his exciting debut EP, Sunrise, on February 22rd 2019. Heavily influenced by American country music and his love of mainstream pop and rock music, Burke has fused these styles to create his signature sound.

Offline – Seasons’

Offline are very ‘online’ when it comes to the Aberdeen scene this indie band has a sound I love! Interesting fact – the venue they are playing at in the video was used to be my local!

Glass Monkey

4-Piece Pop-Punk band from Aberdeen. ‘Myosotosis’ is from Glass Monkey’s upcoming EP ‘Find Your Bearings’.


Atmospheric Post-Rock driven through a balance of catchy riffs, choruses and innovative technical framework, Broadsea have created their own sound and exploded on the national underground rock scene!

Full Fat

Full Fat are a Blues Soul trio who have made a name for themselves performing throughout Scotland and the North East.

The band is made up of three very different musicians whose influences range from Johnny Cash to Jaco Pastorius. This gives their music a distinctive groove and a recognisable sound.


LadyWantsAudio gives us warped and dusty Trip-Hop infused Electronica drawn from a love of classic analog synth sounds and sci-fi soundtracks.

Black Tiles

Black Tiles are a five piece Sparkle Rock band from Aberdeen. They formed late 2016 and have spent time perfecting their live act. Raucous and fun loving on stage, they’re an infectious gang of friends whose sound harks back to the longing of 80’s indie such as The Cure, coupled with strong femme vocals from the same era. Black Tiles have developed a strong cult following in Scotland thanks to their smashy, trashy debut EP – ‘In Forever’.


ROTU (Revenge Of the Tartan Unicorn) are a groove driven alternative outfit covering anything you consider fruity and more.

Four members strong, they try to blend the barriers between all of their collective influences from 70’s rock & funk to grunge and prog.


What do you think? I have added all these songs to a playlist which you can listen to and follow below. Let’s get this growing!

Tell us about one of your local bands or artists and we will add them to the playlist and possibly even write a feature about them.

Get in touch – hello@talkaboutpopmusic and make sure you mention ‘globally local’ in your email.

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