New Releases Just For You

By Steve McSteveface

Although our New Music Friday playlist is loved and followed by almost everyone on the planet, it does include nearly every new song released on that date.

What if we had a playlist that just showed us new releases of artists we love?

Maybe a few remixes of songs we know?

Perhaps a live or acoustic version of a song we really like?

How about a few recommended songs based on what we listen to already?

Well…now we have exactly that!

Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to ‘The Scanner’. It will scan the big world of music and do all off the above and deliver them to you on a weekly basis.

So, what’s new on The Scanner this week?

‘A Night Like This’ – Seconds To Say

‘Amazing Moments’ – View19

‘Panic Attack’ – Harriet Manice

‘Reasonable Life’ – Soft Streak

‘Best That I Can’ –  Kaanvas

Don’t forget to check out the full playlist for more awesome songs!

The Scanner

If you love the music you read about here then you will love the music on this playlist.

Follow it and watch it magically update every week with new songs for your listening pleasure.

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Written by Steve

I’m Steve and live in a village called Alford (home of Emeli Sande & birthplace of the Aberdeen Angus cow) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I currently work in the IT industry (yawn) I just want to share my ideas, findings and general reflections with whoever wants to listen.