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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The New Music Express?

“Remember the days when the only way we discovered new music through magazines and newspapers? Times have changed and although we do love a bit of nostalgia here at Talk About Pop Music we move with the times. So here it is – a brand new playlist, available to you instantly.”

The New Music Express is one of our newer Spotify playlists that’s growing all the time.

Updated regularly with new songs it contains 100 awesome songs! Find out more here.

So, what’s new on the New Music Express recently?

‘Sweaters and Pillows’ – Pasquale Gee

‘Eyze’ – Stray Fossa

‘Chasing Storms’ – Sarah McGowan

‘Promises’ – Chad Atkins

‘Stanger Ways’ – Lone Wild

‘Rain’ – Viviana

‘Ynk’ – Highland

Meðan höndin mín í hendi þinni hvílir‘ – Marina Osk

‘Bang’ – TAELA

‘Fire’ – Bad Flamingo

What are you waiting for? Follow the full playlist now!

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