PLAYLIST UPDATE: Dark – A Netflix Original Soundtrack

Dark: A Netflix Original Soundtrack

By Steve McSteveface

There’s an awesome Netflix Original available that involves time travel AND the 80s so I was sucked right in – big time!

Sucked right in despite the fact that it’s actually a German production and I had to watch it with English subtitles.

I am so glad that I did though and my Amazon Fire TV Stick has been put into overdrive as I have been binge watching the show.

I LOVE it.

The synopsis goes something like this…

“Missing children, supernatural events and family secrets turn a small German town upside down, echoing tragedies of the past.”

The theme song or ‘opening song’ is called ‘Goodbye’ from Apparat.

One of my favourite songs featured is ‘Familiar’ by Agnes Obel.

As well as being a brilliant series the soundtrack is incredible! There are fantastic songs played during every episode. The show itself is quite “dark” so it makes perfect sense that the music is also of a sombre nature.

I’ve created a Spotify playlist that I think has all the songs from the episodes but feel free to let me know if I’ve missed any.

To take it one step further and make it more than just an OST I have started to include songs that “fit” with the theme of the series and I hope I have done it justice

Whenever I come across other songs that would be a good addition to this list I will add them.

The latest additions to the playlist are:

‘Astronauts’ – Crash Adams

‘Away’ – Lindsey Buck

‘One’ – Conversing With Oceans

‘Resistorz’ – Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation

‘Wasted Youth’ – Snowfox Noisy

‘Cocaine Romance’ – Oliver Marson


“You included my song Followers on your playlist for Dark: Netflix original soundtrack. It’s been THE best playlist in terms on engaged listeners. Almost a third of the plays have came from this playlist”, Gea

Thank you again Steve! :):):) We’ve definitely seen it reflected in our listeners on Spotify! So exciting! We are sincerely grateful“, Lindsey

It’s a playlist that you have to be in a particular mood to listen to and appreciate so please enjoy the songs…

Copy of 30 Years Of Pop (38)

…and more importantly I urge you to check out the show on Netflix!

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