FRESH: 'Just Panic' - The Kanz

FRESH: ‘Just Panic’ – The Kanz

Don’t Panic! Well maybe just a little…

By Julie Bianchi

It’s not that easy to write a track review, as I always thought music is such a personal and unique experience for all of us.

This time I’m introducing you the London based rock band The Kanz, with their newest song “Just Panic”.

The Kanz’s single “Just Panic” is a powerful combination of rock poetry and punk energy; the track starts with an 80s vibe with synth and drums and Fabio Nania’s voice (lead singer, songwriter and guitarist) is clear and hypnotising.

The refrain is pure feeling. Love,  sadness, anger are the emotions you can hear from the melody.

You should definitely check out their music video too, released on their YouTube VEVO channel: it tells a story of a punk boy who falls in love with a little girl and makes small clay sculptures to give her as presents.

It’s one of The Kanz’s trademarks to play deep, emotional punk songs but “Just Panic” is the best they’ve released so far.

I also strongly recommend to see them live this August if you’re in London, cause they’re always playing between Shoreditch and Camden; I’d say The Kanz’s music sounds even better on stage!

For more about The Kanz, check out their YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK page

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