Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

PLAYLIST: What’s New On Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go?

Are you the worst for trying to listen to as much music as possible and this sometimes involves over-using the ‘skip to next’ button. Here’s a solution that will help keep you focussed on new tunes. A playlist full of new songs to listen to when  travelling. This can either be when you are travelling to work, jetting off somewhere on holiday or even just travelling by foot.

This way you are your very own captive audience. No distractions of iPads, iPhones, Netflix, cats or anything else that distracts you in a home environment. Perfect!

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ is a new music playlist and it consists of 100 new songs being updated regularly. You can find our more here.

Anything goes on this playlist so there will be a little bit of everything!

So, what’s new on ‘Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go’ recently?

‘Fallen For You’ – Georgia Whiting

Georgia Whiting is an Italian Scottish American singer songwriter born and raised in Geneva Switzerland. Growing up in Geneva, she quickly developed an interest in folk music, influenced by her father who is a folk singer songwriter himself

‘Kissing at Stoplights’ – Mackenzie O’brien

On Mackenzie’s arm is a tattoo that reads “Hummingbird”. Hummingbird was a nickname given to Mackenzie as a young child as she was often found playing alone, content, and humming made up melodies to herself. She remembers desires to be a singer/performer at the early age of 4 years but recalls hiding those desires as she went through her grade and middle school years. At times this was the result of teachers and peers stating that “no one becomes a professional singer”.

‘Unlucky 13’ – wht.rbbt.obj

Sometimes soft, sometimes hard, wht.rbbt.obj (“White Rabbit Object”) is the musical combination of Francis & River, a married couple from Chicago, Illinois. Both with other musical identities in the Chicago scene, you have stumbled upon their secret space. Their sound is a combination of overdriven guitars, sexy vocals and expensive lingerie, but it is their love and trust that are the foundation for their creations. wht.rbbt.obj hopes you enjoy this little project, and if you happen to know “River” or “Francis” . . . They’d ask you to please keep this our little secret.

‘Right Here’ – M.M. CRONE

We’re your 80s shit with a future twist, dreamy hair with moody synths, cryptic lyrics and an indie fix.

Montreal Synth pop, easily fits in a playlist with Neon Indian, Ou est le Swimming pool, Grimes, the XX, Hot Chip and whatever else gets you sweatin’.

‘November’ – WOLF LIES DOWN

WOLF LIES DOWN is Ida Spinner and Thomas Dahl Larsen, a danish duo based in Copenhagen.

‘Do What You Got To Do’ – NastiGi

NastiGi’s well-crafted songs are bursting with tons of mainstream appeal. With solid melodies and extremely catchy choruses, they are a band that are sure to stick in your mind after one listen. NastiGi’s recent releases have featured on some of Spotfiy’s exclusive playlists, having been chosen by Spotify’s Editorial team and hitting over 1 Million streams from around the world. Gianluca Nasticola aka NastiGi was born in Naples and currently resides in London, UK. He moved to London in 1998, and from then on, began an intense artistic journey, full of creative writing and collaborations

‘Brown Metal Flake Cadillac – Talking To Sophie

Klingklang! Talking To Sophie creates Klingklang, wrapped in pop structures and dizzying sound scramble. After months of playful experiments in the studio Talking To Sophie, alias Marcel Krell, releases the self produced debut EP onto multifaceted german stages, whether great or small. Supported by lights, friends and delight an unique sound art is created with alternating orchestration.

‘Thought You Knew’ – Fake Flowers Real Dirt

In the steamy basement of an otherwise unremarkable house in Baltimore, “FFRD” forges their mix of genres

Wait, there’s more…

‘Lost You’ – Amanda Ayala

‘Maze’ – Silent Mark

What are you waiting for? Follow the full playlist now!

Turn Me Up Before You Go-Go

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