monday: what? again?

PLAYLIST: Monday – What? Again?

We All HATE Mondays!

 Yes, it’s here again! It comes around far too quickly, right?

As soon as we switch the alarm off and put that first foot on the floor we know it’s back to the daily grind for another few days.

Coffee helps us get through it. Day-dreaming about what we will be doing when we are NOT at work helps too but the best source of medicine for the Monday blues has got to be music.

Here at Talk About Pop Music we have created the perfect playlist for a Monday.

It’s got just enough energy to get you motivated but not too much so you are burned out by the time the weekend comes around again.

Follow the complete playlist now and have an awesome Monday!

Listen to it while you prepare the first breakfast of the working week.

Listen to it while you travel to work.

Listen to it while you are in the office and help those around you get motivated too.

This playlist will be updated weekly on a Monday so make sure to follow it and to keep a look out for our other Daily Playlists.

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