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PLAYLIST: What’s New On What The Pop?

Hands up if you know how many different classifications of pop music exist?

By Steve McSteveface

If you said 11 – well done. According to some sources you would be correct! According to others pop music is simply what’s ‘popular’. That’s fine but I need to categorize things ok!

What are they I hear you ask? Well, click here for a quick rundown together with definitions, some sample songs and a full Spotify playlist, then check out the latest songs that have just been added to the awesome playlist below

‘Prometheus’ – Tigers Of Youth

Tigers of Youth is Dave Wentz (Vocals/ Guitar), and Mykel Illa (Bass). TOY is a touring Portland-based music project that writes bright-edged alt-rock with high energy beats, bright guitars, and passionate lyrics. The group’s self-titled debut album will be released on all major streaming platforms August 2019.

‘In The Dark’ – Hydra Lerna

Hydra Lerna makes electro/pop/indie music that connects on a deeper level. Writing and producing all her own music in her home studio in Norwich, she writes around details and feelings that are often left unsaid, but are relatable. Hydra Lerna produces immersive pop songs with sounds and layers that create vivid imagery and lyrics that are stimulating and evocative.

‘I Wish You Knew’ – CAGGIE

CAGGIE is a new singer /songwriter from London. ‘Here We Are Again’ is the first single from her much anticipated EP- A song for the summer, with an immediate hit in the chorus- the lyrics both reminiscent and playful. After spending two years recording and writing in LA- I clear narrative emerged for CAGGIE that tells a story which is uniquely hers but also connects to the listener in a way that makes it their story too.

It is an exciting start for CAGGIE – who put the song out independently through AWAL and within a day was featured on Spotify New Music Friday, US and UK and New Pop Revolution, All New All Now, Singled Out it is now climbing the charts in the UK’s Viral top 50 and amassed over 200,000 Streams. With the follow up single ‘Thinking Bout You’ to be released later this summer with top LA producer STINT who’s credits include Aluna George, Plan B, Sabrina Claudio, and Demi Lovato.

‘Sympathetic’ – King Jane

King Jane is a Brooklyn based indie/psychedelic/rock group. Featuring 3 songwriters and a true collaborative spirit, KJ’s music has a nostalgic flavor to it that draws on the music of decades past. The band is putting out its debut EP, Deep in the Garden, on August 27th 2019. It was recorded at the world renowned “Power Station” recording studio in Hells Kitchen.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Be A Man’ – Zack Ely

‘Pop The Champagne’ – The Victory Drive

‘Hold Me Close’ – Natalie Gould

‘What A Time’ – Benin City

‘Wasted’ – FADES

‘Don’t Let Me Go’ – The Hatchets

Don’t forget – get categorizing here and follow the full playlist below!

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