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PLAYLIST: What’s New In The Listening Room?

“Sometimes the best way to discover new music is when you have time to really listen. So come on in, close the door and enjoy the music in the listening room.”

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So, what’s new in The Listening Room recently?

‘I’ve Done It Again’ – Agat

Agat is a musical artist based in Tel-Aviv.

Her debut album “New Under The Sun” was produced by Nir Horowitz and is scheduled to be published in December 2019. The first single from the album “I’ve Done It Again”, that’s already been released, has started to gain traction and recognition across social media.

Agat’s music involves electronic influences combined with live instruments and a fuzzy bass sound that takes the listener on a journey of well composed melodies, emotional lyrics and intimate vocals that are all powered by a whole lotta love and Rock’n’Roll.

‘A Little Kindness To Sit Beside’ – Steve Benjamins

Steve Benjamins has been writing songs since he was ten years-old and realized he could plug keyboards into computers— but it wasn’t until he was 26 that he began releasing music publicly. In the five years since then, his output has been prolific: 4 EPs and 9 singles.

Benjamins had an exciting 2017. His first single of the year, ‘Silence’ rode a wave of success. After early exposure on Noon Pacific, Silence was featured on Spotify’s official Fresh Finds playlist and several official Sony Music playlists. That exposure drew an audience: Silence was listened to over 300,000 times between Spotify, Soundcloud and Facebook.

‘Superball’ – Lights & Bridges

Lights & Bridges is what happens when a composer of global, border-dissolving tones and beats decides to condense his symphonic visions into intimate, yet still epic slices of song, lyric and sound. It’s the evocative collision of voice and acoustic guitar stripped to its melodic essence. It’s the lush whisper of breathtaking harmony and atmosphere. It’s echoes of icons like CSN, Simon & Garfunkel, and Nick Drake. It’s a conversation with contemporaries like Bon Iver, José González, and Elliott Smith.

‘Young Invincible’ – Old Brave Souls

Originally from Cumberland, MD, Nick and Luke were both active in the Western Maryland music scene in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Nick was the drummer for Grill Body Five, a pop-punk band. Luke was a vocalist in Midnight:30 and Plan B, two Hip-Hop groups.

Old Brave Souls was born over many random writing sessions in Charleston, SC, after they both moved to the family farm. Fields Like Yesterday is their first album, recorded in an old horse barn they converted to a project studio. They play open mic nights around the area, and continue to write new songs.

‘Being Human’ –  Caoilfhionn Rose

Caoilfhionn (pronounced Keelin) Rose is a singer, songwriter and producer from Manchester. Emerging from a diverse music scene, she ties together remnants of Manchester’s musical past with its evolving present.

She has collaborated with musicians from around the world and is perhaps best known for her work with Vini Reilly of Durutti Column: Collaborating on four songs on The Durutti Column – Chronicle LX:XL album. Folkedelia with jazzy flourishes and pastoral vibes.

‘Over & Over’ – Simon D James

Simon Started to write music at the age of 16 and has continued ever since. Three tracks on ‘Days of Heaven’ were recorded and produced by Ben Hampson, who Simon was in a band with as a teenager and it has always been a dream of Simon to work with Ben again. ‘Written By Rules’ & ‘Fooled By You’ were recorded at GreenMount Studios where Simon recorded his first EP.

Simon has busked his way around the world and has spent the last years playing music in the Brighton music scene where he started the band that recorded this EP.

‘Course Of Life’ – Silona

Silona is an indie / dreampop / folk singer songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel. “Silona” in Hebrew means a water jet, something extremely powerful – like a geyser. just as rare as the the natural phenomenon, to name your child with this name is quite unordinary in the Hebrew language.

With formal education in music at the Rimon School of Music, In 2008 Silona formed and led an acapella group called Intonica. The group of five singers participated in many singing events in Israel and Europe. Shortly after its formation, the group competed in an international choir competition where it won first place. In 2017, Silona along with Dekel Dvir as producer, and Yoad Nevo as mixing engineer, produced her debut EP. Three singles from the produced EP have been released and are available in digital media in stores. Silona has been performing with her band members in Israel since 2018 and is looking forward to touring once again in Europe and release more of her produced music.

‘Here Sometimes’ – Pallas Kat

As Pallas Kat producer/singer/songwriter Mikkel Hesseldahl Konyher combines synths, guitars, samples and field recordings into dreamy collages and atmospheric landscapes. Mikkel moved from Copenhagen to Trondheim and began recording under the name Pallas Kat in March, 2019.

Pallas Kat’s first single ‘Here Sometimes’ was released on the 8th of August, 2019 and is an ambient/electronic track with an adventurous outlook and atmospheric production values.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Break The Law’ – Phebe Starr

‘I Dare You’ – Ferris & Sylvester

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