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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The New Music Express?

“Remember the days when the only way we discovered new music through magazines and newspapers? Times have changed and although we do love a bit of nostalgia here at Talk About Pop Music we move with the times. So here it is – a brand new playlist, available to you instantly.”

The New Music Express is one of our newer Spotify playlists that’s growing all the time.

Updated regularly with new songs of a more indie, edgy vibe, it contains 100 awesome songs! Find out more here.

So, what’s new on the New Music Express recently?

‘New Hands’ – Desert Fevers

Fusing old school reverb drenched jangle and lo-fi psych pop with their own blend of soul flavoured surf rock.

Formed on The Isle Of Anglesey, North Wales in 2015, when guitarist Jake Rutter and drummer Sam Roberts began writing the songs that would later become the album ‘Delusions’.

‘Bamboola’ – Fake & The Soul Aesthetic

Fake & The Soul Aesthetic is a collective of artists in Los Angeles, CA. The group is unique and diverse in its conception, as it involves not only the standard 5 piece core instruments with lead vocals by front-man Fake, but also involves background singers & horn section to create an electrifying live performance. Their live show is reminiscent of Prince, whose live band “The Revolution” brought the legend’s sound to life on stage.

‘Stars’ – The Goldhearts

The Goldhearts are an indie pop/rock band from the Gold Coast, Australia. They write guitar driven melodic songs heavy in harmony, perfumed in pop, and occasionally twinged with twang. The Goldhearts live on the Gold Coast & Sydney and are all ex-Brisband. Formed in 2015, the band released their debut album The Rise and Fall of the Goldhearts in 2016. The first single BE BRAVE from the forthcoming 2019 EP was released in April 19 and their latest track STARS is out now!

‘Burning Time’ – The New Shoes

The New Shoes are a Rock band from Portsmouth, UK. They write and record catchy melodic tunes in a garage punk style.

After winning Portsmouth Original Artist of the Year 2018, TNS began recording and releasing their tracks at Mayfield Studios. Their debut release of “Little Racket” in January 2019 was well received and was featured on the February edition of The Unsigned Guides Spotlight. The follow up single “Self Obsessed Me” gave TNS their national radio debut, played by Janice Long on BBC Radio Wales in July 2019.

They are a wild, high energy live act, sharing the bill with the likes of Heavy Lungs and Rascalton on their UK tours. The New Shoes have also made an appearance at Icebreaker 2019 and are due to play Victorious Festival in August this year.

‘Get Out Of My Way’ – Oskar James

Growing up in Melbourne, the live music capital of Australia, Oskar James didn’t know at first he was destined to be a singer-songwriter. Having a natural flair for performing and a talent for word craft, he found himself frequently on stage in school. Partaking in musicals, singing in an acoustic duo and wining the odd poetry competition. Years later he finally began to pursue his purpose, releasing his debut album ‘Peace, Love and Frustration’. Influenced by artists ranging from Elvis Costello, to The Beatles, to Nick Lowe and Regina Spektor, Oskar James brings his own unique voice, sound and direction to his music.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Flamethrower’ – The Ocean Hours

‘Racecar’ – Pond Diver

‘Stay’ – Minthi

‘Ghost In The Walls’ – Lanterns

‘Chuchi’ – wwoman

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