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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The Popularizer?

What’s New On The Popularizer?

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So, what’s new on The Popularizer recently?

‘Break The Distance’ – ELYAZ

Hailing from Bologna in Italy, ELYAZ – whose real name is Mauro Elias Morone, born in 1993 – is a musician, singer & record producer. Beginning his musical journey at a tender age, after being closely inspired by his father – revered Italian fingerstyle guitarist, Franco Morone – as a child, creativeness was never far away from Mauro Elias Morone. Teaching himself to play piano & sing, as well as embracing the guitar – it wasn’t until ELYAZ began working as a DJ, that he began to explore the idea of creating music of his own & expressing himself through the art form.

‘About You’ – Otto Knows

From a youth spent sneaking into Stockholm’s underground nightclubs to the ardent support of Swedish House Mafias’ assorted members, Otto Jettman is undoubtedly the next in a line of explosive new talent to emerge from the Refune Records stronghold. Welcomed into the charts and global clubbing circuit alike, his Otto Knows moniker has come to embody the true potential of passionate creativity within global dance music.

‘Secrets’ – The Axe

It was July 23th, 1985 when Dutchman Bas van Hout saw his first light. Born and raised in a small town called Veldhoven, he developed an interest for music at a very young age. At the age of 10 he hit his first snare drum after joining a marching band. This is where it all kicked off for young Bas van Hout. After saving up for a while, He obtained his first own drum kit and started banging away like there was no tomorrow. There was only one beat to be heard at his household, Bas beat, practising the drums day and night. As a kid he was always dreaming of making his own music and rocking the crowds someday.

‘Release The Energy’ – Roderic H

Roderic H is a music producer and keyboard player from Estonia. He`s been playing keyboards (piano, accordion) professionally over 20 years in different bands. At the moment he`s keyboardist and music writer in Estonian band called “Maria Stuart”

As a electronic music producer, he released his first single “Reasons” (featuring Chris Scott) in feb 2019. Since then, he has experimenting in different music styles and released singles “Here to Stay” and “Million Ways”.

‘Louder’ – Grace Gaustad

If crushed velvet could sing and walls could talk: Grace Gaustad, brutally honest and insightful beyond her years, offers hope in a time of turmoil.

“I think a lot of artists are making music that glorifies the darker parts of life— but I’m interested in what is on the other side of that— I want to be a voice with a solution.”

With this one deceptively simple reflection, young indie-pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grace Gaustad has tapped into that elusive, organic formula of the human heart that is the recipe for enduring pop songs with the power to connect and resonate across generations. And the message of hope is resonating, as evidenced by her rising stardom on Instagram (500k followers) and across major streaming platforms— a sign there are many listeners who hunger for her candid style of empathy and connection.

‘Afterhours’ – Bad Milk

Twin Music signed producer Bad Milk today shares his new single ‘Afterhours’. Enlisting the help of London pop powerhouse BB Diamond, the pair have joined forces to create an anthemic feel-good house track.

The combination of one of the UK’s most exciting new producers and BB, armed with one of the strongest voices around is hard to resist. Recent releases have seen Bad Milk (Owen Roberts) delve into the afro-beat, electronic and neo soul worlds showcasing an array of talents. His current remit looks at working with a variety of vocalists, moulding the skeleton of a song and then reigning it into a dance/pop track.

‘Hiding Under Water’ – Mountain Bird

Through Mountain Bird, Stockholm-based singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Öhman is finding beauty in the darkest places.

After his breakout Cubism EP launched Mountain Bird into the international spotlight for the first time in 2018, Öhman is now preparing to release four new singles this year, marking a turning point in his young career as Mountain Bird. But Öhman’s story starts much earlier.

When he wasn’t spending hours watching his music-teacher mother sing and play the piano as a child, Öhman was sneaking into his older sister’s room to bang on her drum set. She became his mentor early on, until he began taking lessons on his own. The drums were his world for eight years, when he decided to learn the piano. But as his impeccably produced tracks attest, Öhman remains rhythmically gifted.

‘Cool’ – Belle Vex

If you could open a door into a parallel world where you were famous enough to star on a talk show, would you turn that knob and step on through? Would you stride into the limelight without hesitation, or would you think hard about what you were leaving behind? How much are you willing to sacrifice to chase your dream? It’s a dilemma that confronts all artists at one time or another, and Belle VEX is no exception.

The young electro-pop singer has been gaining notoriety at an impressive clip, and with each successive recording, he picks up more acclaim, more fans, and more devoted followers. Surely, he’s paused to consider the pleasures and perils of the celebrity he’s on the cusp of attaining – and the clip to “Cool,” his latest single, makes that manifest. With his charisma and good humor intact, Belle VEX walks into a fantasy. But he can’t quite shake the haunting memory of what he once had.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Mind’ – ALVIDO

‘Life’ – Bmark

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