SPOTLIGHT: Crash Adams

SPOTLIGHT: Crash Adams

Crashing Into Your Living Room

Are you ready for this?

SPOTLIGHT: Crash Adams

Crash Adams are perhaps not surprisingly made up of two members. Crash and Adams.

They are childhood friends from Toronto, who have been surrounded by music for their entire lives.

They also like suits and sofas…

Red Sofa? Check! Suit? Check!

As well as their ability to make wearing a suit, sitting on a sofa almost anywhere seem quite effortless you might also have noticed in the photo above there is an astronaut and an alien which might just well be because their debut track was called ‘Astronauts‘.

“Fans of 80s infused anthems will be content with a this new addition to their collection, for all the earmarks of the era are present in their most potent form. Stomping beats propel the track forwards, whilst punchy synths and precise guitar riffs add momentum and intrigue to this retro banger, complete with potent hooks and bold vocal. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.”

Born Music

‘Astronauts’ was closely followed by the fantastic ‘Make It Last‘.

“this really does take us on a rocket-ship and propels us forward’s into the realms of synth-pop mixed in with some delicious guitar hooks that wouldn’t sounds out of place in a track by INXS. Their short but sweet bio simply says – “Crashing right into your living room.” – and rightly so, this track was a real delight when I first heard it and I think they can easily go onto be one of the next buzz bands!”

It’s All Indie
Crash Adams

Crash began producing at a young age while Adams played guitar. Crash’s uncle has been running a studio since before they were born so growing up they were lucky enough to use it whenever they wanted.

They produce, write, perform, mix and master all of their music. Their goal is to make you feel nostalgic, yet inspired.

We think they are succeeding so far!

Ooh! Never move the same way…

The third single was their awesome (and I MEAN awesome) song ‘Ooh!’ which I have to say also has their best video to date!

Although they did initially appear to be a very mysterious duo we did get an interview from the guys early on and started to crack the enigma that is Crash Adams.

Since the release of the video for ‘Ooh!’ they have blown up all over the place – especially TikTok.


Performing our song “Make It Last” in the middle of the street🚗 #inpublic #outrageous #tiktokmusic #80smusic #newmusic

♬ Make It Last – Crash Adams

I love following them on there wondering what fantastic video they are going to share next.

‘Ooh!’ was swiftly followed by ‘Caroline’ and ‘Too Hot To Touch’ – these guys are on fire!

We think you’ll agree that Crash Adams will be crashing into living rooms all over the planet before long.

While we wait, do we have time for another sofa photo? Oh yes, always!

SPOTLIGHT: Crash Adams

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