STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 15th September 2019

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 15th September 2019


By Steve McSteveface

The most played song by Steve at Talk About Pop Music this week was ‘Framling’ by Carola

We’ve gone back in time to 1983 this week for the top song. This is all thanks to the Daily Popcast which just keeps throwing out awesome songs!


Talk About Pop Music Weekly Top 10 

STOP! LOOK! PLAYLIST! 15th September 2019

The Best Of The Rest

A new discovery this week and a really nice song from JL B!ack

A song from our Popularizer playlist that really gets your blood pumping comes from Mourad Hany.

Another classic which needs no introduction…

Now you can follow the complete playlist on Spotify.

stop look playlist

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