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PLAYLIST: What’s New On What The Pop?

Hands up if you know how many different classifications of pop music exist?

By Steve McSteveface

If you said 11 – well done. According to some sources you would be correct! According to others pop music is simply what’s ‘popular’. That’s fine but I need to categorize things ok!

What are they I hear you ask? Well, click here for a quick rundown together with definitions, some sample songs and a full Spotify playlist, then check out the latest songs that have just been added to the awesome playlist below

‘Just Go’ – Noah Deist

Noah Deist is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Noah’s sound is derived from a diverse combination of influences and backgrounds, resulting in a style of music that appeals to audiences across the board. His ability to transform life experiences into lyrical melodies in a way that compels audiences to listen and relate sets him apart from other artist.

At seven years old, Noah began his journey into music. Starting with drums (which he learned from his father), Noah quickly moved to piano, guitar, and later vocals. By 8th grade, Noah had already started a band and was leading worship at his home church regularly. These experiences and background heavily influenced Noah as a young musician. Growing up playing music in not only cover bands, but also in the church formed the foundation of Noah’s musical passions. It is from these foundations and experiences that Noah discovered his desire to tell stories through music. Meaningful stories that have a positive impact on those listening. ​

‘Dysphoria’ – Goldielocks

Originally a Canberra native, Goldielocks is a Sydney producer who broke onto the scene with hit single ‘Moonbeam’ which was based around a tasty little sample from Adele.

Goldielocks specialises in cosmic synths, ethereal vocals and slow grooves. He draws inspiration from Hip Hop, Electronic, Synth-Pop and Soul to create a sound somewhere between the likes of Flying lotus, Jamie XX and Caribou. Following his debut EP, Goldielocks released his single‘Moonbeam’, which gained critical acclaim from sources such as Stoney Roads, FBI Radio, Pile Rats and Acid Stag amongst others. Since then, Goldielocks has been playing live shows in the Sydney/Canberra region alongside artists such as Hayden James, Basenji, WaveRacer, Touch Sensitive, Client Liaison, Nicole Miller, Guerre, KLP and Gold Fields to name a few.

‘All Over The World’ – Quite Vice

Quite Vice was formed in the summer of 2018 with the first release of 6+4+3=2; an instrumental EP with sounds of arpeggiated synths and heavy downbeat drums. Within this EP you can find the early hint of love for disco. But since the first EP the sound has changed more and more towards downright disco and funk, with clear inspiration from Daft Punk, Breakbot, CHIC and Earth, Wind & Fire.

‘Train Of Dreams’ – Andree Theander

Andrée Theander has dedicated himself to the art of guitar playing since February 25, 1996, the day he turned ten. On that day, he got his first electric guitar as a birthday present from his parents. Soon after he also started writing music, took guitar lessons and joined the music program at the high school in his hometown Härnösand in Sweden. Later his musical studies led Andrée to the university in Skövde, Sweden, where he met his companion in the progressive rock group Cap Outrun, Erik Wiss. That’s when they made their debut album “Influence Grind”. Later on, Andrée continued to study music at the university in Piteå, Sweden, and took classes to become a professional studio musician. To enhance his musical abilities he spent several months in the USA where he attended various courses at the Musicians Institute (GIT) in Los Angeles. During his stay in California Andrée met Fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber who invited him to lay down some guitar tracks for his “Galaxy” album (2012). Quite an honor for a young virtually unknown music student to be included in the album credits next to L.A. session cats like Michael Thompson, Vinnie Colaiuta or Jimmy Haslip.

‘Blue September’ – Trentemøller

Copenhagen based musician Anders Trentemøller’s talent for heart wrenching melodic moments and exceptional productions, fused with his trademark sound somewhere between indie and electronic, has established him as one of the most respected and admired artists of this century, highlighted by the new, fourth studio album ‘Fixion’ which has just been released.

‘San Francisco’ – Beth Keeping

Beth Keeping draws influences from both traditional country storytelling and modern pop music. She is a true songwriter at heart, spending two years writing for other artists in the UK, Singapore and America before recording her first EP ‘Fool’ in Nashville. Debuting last year at #3 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart, Beth’s fresh lyrical approach and emotive vocals are building her a reputation as one to watch on the singer-songwriter scene.

Her new single ‘San Francisco’ is an infectious pop anthem that Keeping wrote about an experience she had backpacking in South East Asia.

The Surrey singer-songwriter is also a passionate supporter of other women in music and last year founded ‘Write Like A Girl’, an initiative to put the spotlight back on female songwriters. Currently running monthly showcases in London, she will embark on a second Write Like A Girl tour in November 2019.

‘Cut Me Loose’ – The Escapades

The Escapades are an emerging Brit-rock band from Newcastle. The band got together in October 2017 and are mainly influenced by Oasis, The Strokes and The Verve. The band wants to keep the rock ‘n’ roll vibe alive with their music!

New single ‘Cut Me Loose’ is about being stuck in a bad relationship with the wrong person, falling into the routine of breaking up and getting back together. It’s something a lot of us go through, and The Escapades decided to write a song about it which turns our mistakes into a catchy Brit rock tune!

The band is playing shows all over the country, check out their Facebook-page to see when and where they’re playing.

Wait, there’s more…

‘Stone Cold Heart’ – Iris Kroes

‘Voodoo’ – Celestal

‘My Mind’ – J Hustl3

Don’t forget – get categorizing here and follow the full playlist below!

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