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PLAYLIST: What’s New In The Listening Room?

“Sometimes the best way to discover new music is when you have time to really listen. So come on in, close the door and enjoy the music in the listening room.”

The Listening Room is one of our newer Spotify playlist that’s growing all the time.

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So, what’s new in The Listening Room recently?

‘Forest Fire’ – Day & Dream

Day & Dream is an indie-rock, dreampop, shoegaze band hailing from Asheville, North Carolina. When long time musicians and singer/songwriters, Peter Frizzante and Abby Amaya, met in New York City, they fell in love and began collaborating on a new artistic project. Abby’s roots are in California 60s coastal pop, while Peter’s is post-punk grit. Working together, they found inspiration in nature, sleep cycles and the stars. They thematically link their music to relationships, aging, hope, travel and risk-taking while showcasing admiration for Britpop, 90s grunge, fuzzy guitars, and melodic pop structures. Reverb soaked and layered with soft whispery vocals, the result is an energetic and memorable reverie. Recently, they’ve experimented with electronic beats and lo-fi, lounge sounds.

‘No Rasta’ – Starfish

With their sunny blend of ska, punk and reggae the four guys of Starfish take you straight to the beach. Coming from the Northwest Coast of Holland this might not really come as a surprise. These boys just breath the sea and summer beach life, and turn this into an explosive party with flip-flops flying around.

‘Sixteen’ – Don

Don met Joe Keefe (Family Of The Year) via her roommate at the time, Joe’s best friend, while living in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The two shared a creative lens and often discussed collaborating. By mid-2018 the stars aligned and the opportunity presented itself. Together they co-wrote and Joe produced Don’s debut EP Selfish Baby out of his home studio in Eagle Rock, CA. While drawing on their collective inspirations but remaining uniquely Don, a friend described the sound as: “If some mutant lingerie-and-combat-boots-clad combination of Nina Persson from The Cardigans, Susanna Hoffs from The Bangles, the coy and yearning early Lana Del Rey of “Video Games,” and “Still The One”-era Shania Twain wrote thoughtful and sexy pop music in 2019 without real precedent or peers it would sound SOMETHING close to Don’s long awaited debut EP.”

Wait there’s more…

‘My Way’ – Chaz Mazzota

‘Let Me Know Your Name’ – Sean Michael

‘Looking For Love’ – The Legends

‘Save Me’ – Cloe Wilder

‘Sacramento’ – Free Block

‘Jugular’ – ARLO

‘Never In Love’ – Anna Arco

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