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PLAYLIST: What’s New In The Listening Room?

“Sometimes the best way to discover new music is when you have time to really listen. So come on in, close the door and enjoy the music in the listening room.”

The Listening Room is one of our newer Spotify playlist that’s growing all the time.

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So, what’s new in The Listening Room recently?

‘Quietness’ – Hanna Rooth

Wild Hum is the debut album of Americana-Soul singer-songwriter Hannah Rooth, as well as the name of her acoustic band. In August of 2018, she and friends April Faith-Slaker & Adrian Avalos joined together to bring her original work to their Cambridge, MA community and produce a record. Their project resulted in a unique six-song collection that displays an inner world of deep tenderness and longing.

‘Tobiou’ – INU INU

INU INU is a Dutch/English dream pop band heavily influenced by the best sounds of the 80’s combined with the raw production of modern day indie DIY bands. The foursome keeps their music personal and close to the heart, creating songs with a distinctive atmospheric pop sound. From dark and melancholic to joyous and energetic, INU INU explores a range of emotions and considers their music a success if it evokes feelings in others.

‘Summer’ – Kind Lies

Kind Lies are a new three piece chill-pop ensemble from London. Their music puts sweet vocals over plucky synths and smooth beats that belie the often acerbic nature of their lyrics. Liam and Ross met while playing in bands in London’s thriving DIY scene before recruiting vocalist Corinna Jane to give life to their ambitious demos. They bonded over a love of LANY, Terror Jr and walking home the long way… in the rain… with a broken heart…

‘Curfew’ – Katherine Evans

Katherine Evans is a 23 year old singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, CA. With roots in folk music and a love for lyrics, she walks the line between indie and electronic-pop seamlessly, while pouring her heart into each word she sings. Katherine describes her music as ‘sad songs you can dance to’. She has been compared to artists such as Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Sasha Sloan.

Wait there’s more…

‘Berlin City’ – Laurin Biersack

‘Lullaby’ – P.S. November

‘Rivers I Behold At Noon’ – Man On An Island

‘Almost Forgot’ – TENUI

‘Slip Every Time I Squeeze’ – Be Accessed

‘Where The Wild Wind Blows’ – Bjorn Lundstrom

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