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Hands up if you know how many different classifications of pop music exist?

By Steve McSteveface

If you said 11 – well done. According to some sources you would be correct! According to others pop music is simply what’s ‘popular’. That’s fine but I need to categorize things ok!

What are they I hear you ask? Well, click here for a quick rundown together with definitions, some sample songs and a full Spotify playlist, then check out the latest songs that have just been added to the awesome playlist below

‘Euphoria’ – Vivie Ann

Life without curves and slopes doesn’t make for interesting stories. Lucky for us, Vivie Ann’s journey is anything but smooth and always unpredictable. “When The Harbour Becomes The Sea” is the essence she has distilled from the chaos of her life. It is about these very tumultuous moments: when the safe harbour turns into the stormy sea, when solid ground gives way to rolling waves and endless depth. At the age of 27, Vivie Ann has already experienced far too many of these moments.

‘Fly With You’ – Norwall

Norwall is an American artist/producer trio based out of Austin, TX made up of David Carson, Jordan Carson, and Jayson Watson.

The group started in 2017 making beats for other artists, and began making original music in 2018. Mainstream dance pop is Norwall’s genre of choice, with elements of other genres put together, making for exciting music that has mass appeal and that can be enjoyed by everyone.

‘Runaway’ – Betty Moon

Betty Has dreamt up a new collection of songs ready for release in 2017. The second single from Betty Moon’s forthcoming album is “Life Is But A Dream”. The new collection of songs from the Toronto-born and Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter sees Moon diving into influences from electronic music, dance, pop and future house.

‘Bring This Back’ – Pasquale Gee

Pasquale Gee is a Singer-Songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. His soulful love ballads and heartbreak anthems have lead him to become one of the most promising newcomers out of NYC.

‘Lost In The Moment’ – Dan Olsen

International award winning singer-songwriter and producer Dan Olsen is from the Faroe Islands and based in London, U.K. He started performing and writing his own songs while studying in Australia. He made ends meet by living in cheap backpacker flats while playing bars and pubs. After honing his live set and a bunch of songs to his name, Dan moved to London. He produced a couple of tracks with Steven A Williams (Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison) which have now gained millions of plays across various streaming platforms.

Not much later Dan caught the eye of his current manager (Sam Smith’s former manager) who shared Dan’s vision. Things began to take off. He produces his own songs now and has toured China (three times), New York, Russia and South Africa, won an international songwriting competition, has songs placed in various films, signed a publishing deal with Peer Music and has co-written with Grammy, Ivor and Brit award winning songwriters including Linda Perry, Pam Sheyne, Chris Neil and Sonique.

‘L.Lane’ – Callum Pitt

Taking influences from The War On Drugs, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, indie-folk newcomer Callum Pitt combines finger-picked folk riffs with a stunning falsetto voice. His first demos, recorded in his bedroom, received airplay from BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio, resulting in a spot at Evolution Emerging Festival 2016 and tour support slots with Meadowlark, Cape Cub and Isaac Gracie.

‘When We First Met’ – Ian McFarland

Ian McFarland is a singer-songwriter original from Portsmouth, New Hampshire but has been on an artistic journey that has taken him around the globe playing shows as far as Barcelona, Spain to where he currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Ian McFarland is known to perform the bulk of instruments on his releases as well as recording the sounds himself wherever he happens to be.

Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of music influences the young Berklee College of Music graduate has stood weathered the trials and tribulations of being a musician in a capitalist environment with poise. Having been in and out of a handful of bands starting in high school and extending through college, McFarland, decided to go solo in an effort to have an end of the line on creative decisions surrounding his composition. In his spare time Ian McFarland enjoys travel, the outdoors, writing music reviews for his own company Its Not Records, and watching sports. Currently in the studio creating two songs released as singles a month he is planning a move to NYC in 2019 to expand his network of artists and entrepreneurs.

‘Your Body’ – The Planetoids

Astronomists throughout the universe agree: The PLANETOIDS are already leading the intergalactic charts on Mars, Venus and Jupiter. And that’s not all – they are among the TOP TEN on all other planets in our galaxy! Only one of them is, once again, not catching up with the trend:


In 2014, THE PLANETOIDS have first been spotted on this big, dirty blue planet. Wilst the foresome first crash landed their space ship in Hannover, Germany (don’t drink and fly), they have been increasing their cosmic reach in 2019 by making people dance all the way between Great Britain, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and, naturally, Germany.

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Wait, there’s more…

‘See You Smile’ – Cherry Lotus

‘Way You Move’ – moment

Don’t forget – get categorizing here and follow the full playlist below!

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