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PLAYLIST: What’s New On The Popularizer?

What’s New On The Popularizer?

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So, what’s new on The Popularizer recently?

‘Set It Off’ – CatchTwentyTwo

CatchTwentyTwo, it means a dilemma or situation you can’t get out of because of limitations, surely, you’ve heard of the phrase before. A singer, songwriter, and producer from Broward County Florida, CatchTwentyTwo fuses elements of lofi, dark r&b and pop into his stylized contemporary songs.

‘I Leave The Radio On’ – Ake Noren

Swedish singer, songwriter and producer from Karlskoga. As he grew up in the sixties and seventies he fell in love with the great melodies of that time. Since the age of twelve he has been the leadsinger and songwriter of Flames, Bloomingdays, Wood, Denadas , Jet Airliner and Boogely Boys All in different genres. With his latest release, Baby Baby Baby, he is returning to the music he fell in love with as a kid. Hoping to someday come up with a song that could be misstaken for at song by The Beatles.

‘Picture Undefined’ – The Response

After meeting at Jazz School and refining their sound through several releases and a stint living in Canada, The Response craft alternative pop songs that are both introspective and energetic. The New Zealand native band perform as a duo, combining a variety of live electronic instruments with guitar and vocals resulting in a familiar yet entirely unique sound.

NZ Musician say they are “..indie pop at it’s carefully crafted best.”, Permanent Rain Press saying they “..offer a sense of cautious hope, one that brings nostalgic touches of loss, belonging and identity.” and The Revue “the perfect demonstration of how subtlety can yield something infectious.”

‘Living The Vibe’ – Dusky Rabbit

Dusky Rabbit is a 26 year old german singer / songwriter.

For about 10 years as a singer on the road, the artist has decided that now is the right time to share his music and art with the world.

The mask should not hide anything, but rather focus more on the essential: music as art! To be who you are and not to be bound by norms is the goal of the young singer.

With his first single “Living The Vibe” he has now set the starting signal for a new chapter on his musical journey.

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Wait, there’s more…

‘Roses In My Mouth’ – IVI

‘Bad Girls’ – Georgie Meek

‘One Life’ – HunnyB

‘Trace The Lines’ – Only Objects

‘Waiting For Our Time’ – Ezra Tennen

‘I’ve Changed’ – Asher Knight

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