FRESH: ‘Art Of Letting Go’ – Milou

Milou debuts with “Art Of Letting Go”.

by Christopher Smith

Milou (Pronounced mee-loo) is a brand new Australian-Born, LA-Based female music producer and songwriter, who unashamedly creates “emotive and profound” electronic pop tunes that compel you to get lost with her, with all the feels. Deriving her moniker from a combination of her first and middle name, Michelle Louise, Milou is not taking any notes from the latest music trends, but rather, intends to pioneer a movement in bringing the magic of meaningful songwriting back into the EDM and Pop world, through her heartbreakingly raw lyrics, delicate vocals, moving melodies, and dreamy synthesizers.

She says of “Art Of Letting Go”: “It was written and produced during the hardest times I’ve ever gone through. I had recently broken off an engagement, and my father had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I wanted to create a song that could be a vessel to help release a lot of built up confusion and heartbreak in that time. I didn’t care about it being “trendy” EDM or Electro-pop, but rather I wanted it to be something that captured intensity. Something you could run to, or work out to and feel that energy. I used driving synthesizers, hard kick drums and balanced it with vulnerable atmospheric vocals, tied together with heartbreakingly raw lyrics”.

For more about Milou, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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