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PLAYLIST: What’s New On What The Pop?

Hands up if you know how many different classifications of pop music exist?

By Steve McSteveface

If you said 11 – well done. According to some sources you would be correct! According to others pop music is simply what’s ‘popular’. That’s fine but I need to categorize things ok!

What are they I hear you ask? Well, click here for a quick rundown together with definitions, some sample songs and a full Spotify playlist, then check out the latest songs that have just been added to the awesome playlist below

‘Friday Holiday’ – The Gluteens

3 friends decided to start a band without drama or drums, where fusion calls the tune, because it was time, and because their moods lead them to create on all fronts.

You are listening to electronic music, but a surf rock riff suddenly rises and starts to ride the beat. You can also hear some epileptic Blondie. You are drawn by their hip-hop grooves until Pauline’s voice, as clear as a fallen angel’s, takes you over and beyond. You thought you caught a glimpse of Die Antwoord, but Nirvana was waiting around the corner.

‘By The Hand’ – The Balcony

Formed at the beginning of 2019 and quickly making a major impact, The Balcony are the freshest talent in the pop-rock sphere. Their infectious melodies and energetic live performances have garnered the attention of top new music spotters This Feeling, leading to two packed back to back takeover shows in their hometown of Stockton-on-Tees. Engineered by the man behind Young Rebel set Paddy Jordan and produced by Chad Male (Cape Cub) The Balcony’s debut EP is set to take the UK by storm.

‘Old Friends’ – Justin Magnaye

Justin Magnaye boasts a new and refreshing East-Meets-West coast vibe that are heavily influenced by his roots in pop complexity, hip hop, and r&b which add to this invigorating aesthetic.

‘Breathe’ – Most People

Formed in 2011, Toronto’s Most People make eclectic modern indie-pop songs infused with ‘80s and early ‘90s sounds. Their recently completed album Call Me Up represents Most People’s shift towards a more sensitive, smoother, lyrically driven celebration of love.

Their second full-length album, Call Me Up marks the shift into a bold third phase of Most People’s musical evolution. While their 2012 self-titled debut could have been filed under dreamy psych-pop, and their 2014-16 stream of singles bounced over to peppy electro-indie anthems, 2019 sees this trio of young men making a grand artistic statement by exploring the commercial pop of their childhood. It’s not an ironic jaunt into yacht-rock – this is a deep, serious set of songs – but it’s not without Most People’s uniquely winking sense of fun and humour, either.

‘No Pressure’ – Charlie Harris

A native of North Carolina, Brooklyn-based Charlie Harris spent four years exercising the left half of his brain advocating for space exploration in Washington, D.C. After releasing a few songs to friends and family on Soundcloud, he took a year off to refine his sound, move to New York City, and find himself as an artist.

Charlie’s unique brand of electropop evokes a paradoxical sense of hope born out of darkness. Listeners experience eerie yet encouraging sounds of futurism paired with lyrics meant to push boundaries and expand horizons. Charlie creates relatable tracks with deeper meanings, toeing the lines between pop and electronic dance music.

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Wait, there’s more…

‘Fall For This’ – Jade The Moon

‘Play It Cool’ – chitchat

‘Brando Knows Best’ – Scotty Seed

‘Happy Ever After’ – So Cal Jack

‘Closing The Line’ – Daydream Runaways

Don’t forget – get categorizing here and follow the full playlist below!

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