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FRESH: ‘Go Flow’ – Transit Club

Transit Club return with “Go Flow”!

by Christopher Smith

Swedish-Canadian indie pop transit lovers Transit Club are back with single number four, “Go Flow”, a melancholic and heartfelt break-up anthem. “Go with the flow, lose control, lose it all”.

“I think “Go Flow” is my first honest break up song. I sought out to write a chorus that would make just as much emotional sense following a hopeful 1st verse, as it would a pensive 2nd verse, and a heartbroken bridge. The song thematically grows from positive and naive, to bitter and distraught. Sure, ok, let’s just go with the flow, lose control, and do nothing to make this work. “Go Flow” is a passive aggressive acceptance of letting two people drift apart, ignoring the urgency of the situation, instead of facing feelings head-on. Musically I’m really excited about Agnes Jensen’s vocals (especially during the bridge) that cry out with me in harmony. I’m really proud of the vocals on this song in general. We were sonically really inspired by the indie band The Japanese House when recording this song. ‘Go.Flow’ makes me feel melancholic and sad but also really confident and cool at the same time. If that makes sense hahah? Thanks for being interesting in our new little song. It really means a lot” says Transit Club’s Steve Motion.

Transit Club is a Swedish-Canadian alt-pop music collective based out of Stockholm, Sweden. With his heart stuck somewhere between Ottawa and Stockholm, Canadian-born frontman and public transit enthusiast Steve Motion blends his emotional songwriting with an aptitude for sing-along hits. With Olle Ahlsson (Guitars), Frej Forsman (Keys), Agnes Jensen (Vocals/Percussion) Niklas Levedahl (Bass) and Olle Ronach (Drums) completing the lineup, the band’s live sets are known to be fun and electrically unifying sing-along symphonies. Transit Club took Obaren, Stockholm by storm with a jam-packed enthusiastic audience for their Garden release party in November 2018. They also supported E.B. The Younger (Eric from Midlake’s solo project) at Nalen, Stockholm, in April 2019.

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