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PLAYLIST: The Scanner – 15th December

New Releases Just For You

By Steve McSteveface

Although our New Music Friday playlist is loved and followed by almost everyone on the planet, it does include nearly every new song released on that date.

What if we had a playlist that just showed us new releases of artists we love?

Maybe a few remixes of songs we know?

Perhaps a live or acoustic version of a song we really like?

How about a few recommended songs based on what we listen to already?

Well…now we have exactly that!

Ladies and Gentleman let me introduce you to ‘The Scanner’. It will scan the big world of music and do all off the above and deliver them to you on a weekly basis.

New songs just added include:

‘Jolly Pusher’ – State Of Green

State Of Green is a solo rock looping act from Edinburgh, Scotland. The combination of groovy synths, distorted guitar, catchy melodies and soul infused vocal, create State Of Greens signature sound.

State Of Green combines a unique style of loop performance with a heart for conservation. To date State Of Green has planted 105 trees and hopes to plant 50,000 over the next few years! Listening to the music actually plants trees (10% of streaming revenue, record sales etc goes to planting trees)!

‘Wanderlust’ – Cellos

Cellos are a young four piece band formed in 2019 by songwriters and friends Niall Fenwick and Joe Teasdale. Both founding members of Cellos have performed in bands from a young age and are keen to be heard. Based in County Durham, Cellos – fronted by Niall have an Indie Rock sound developed on from British bands from the 90s and 00s.

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Wait, there’s more…

‘The Other Side’ – Road Man

‘Out Of The Garden’ – The Skullers

‘Looking For Love’ – The Legends, Club 8

‘Keeper’ – Little Misty

‘That Siren, Hope’ – Kris Angelis

‘We Were Fire’ – Sander Matell

Sander Matell is a Swedish music producer. He’s had a great interest in electronic music for the last 15 years and started producing his own tracks three years ago. Although he’s experimenting with different genres, future bass is the genre that’s closest to his heart.

‘Venus’ – Nellina

New wave and punk was their first love. So in today’s world of chill their message of power seems to be a contradiction. A straight voice that addresses you directly. A rebel heart that demonstrates attitude.

NELLINA are an electronic pop duo from Vienna, Austria, that blend delicate pop songs with heavy and steely synths, retro elements and modern EDM. An almost Kate-Bush-ish voice singing infectious melodies meets bassy synth-lines with a dark edge. The result ranges from infectious tunes that might conquer the dancefloor to indie pop that makes you rock. The name of their upcoming debut album “A Tape Called Rough” is summarizing what their style is about.

‘Summer Lovin’ – The Delivery Boys

Check out the full playlist for more awesome songs!

The Scanner

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