The Daily Popcast

PLAYLIST: The Daily Popcast

Enjoy Your Daily Popcast!

Another 15 fantastic songs added to this playlist for your listening pleasure. These are not brand new songs – that’s what our new music playlists are for.

We’ve all heard of Podcasts but here at Talk About Pop Music we like to do things differently.

Rather than be subjected to a tech talk and be educated or have people trying (and mostly failing) to make us laugh – us music lovers just want more awesome music to listen to, right?

Well, now we can have exactly that – thanks to the Daily Popcast.

Songs on the Daily Popcast will be songs that, if you are a fan of the site, then they will be songs we know you’ll love. Each day a new ‘category’ of songs will be added i.e. one day it might be 80s, the next EuroPop and the next IndiePop – you get the idea!

The playlist will be updated every day Monday to Saturday and this will give you the Sunday to decide which songs you want to keep in your own playlists and then we will start all over again on the Monday.

So simple!

Get following and get ready for your ears to be wowed with some awesome music!

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